Specialist research and consultancy organisation focused on Emerging Markets. Seminar organisation and business development services targeting the offshore outsourcing arena primarily in IT and business process both back office (transaction processing, finance and accounting) and front office (customer contact centres such as call centres and technical help desks

Pathfinder Workshop for RDA's & NDA's

Pathfinder Workshops for Regional and National Development Agencies

The relatively few locations that are established hosts for IT and business process offshoring reap enormous benefits in terms of job creation, tax revenues and the development of sustainable business and social infrastructure. Due to the strength and diversity of the offshoring markets, real opportunities now exist for further locations to attract significant inward investment in this way.

EMRG’s pathfinder workshops allow regional and national development agencies to undertake a rigorous assessment of their potential to become host locations for offshoring activity of one sort or another and, where relevant, develop plans for how to realise this potential. The workshops:

  • Equip participants with a sound knowledge-base of what offshoring is, what is happening in the global offshoring markets and what other locations have done to become major offshoring hosts
  • Allow the group to evaluate various strategies for becoming an offshoring host and, as relevant, develop broad implementation approaches and detailed next-step action plans

EMRG is able to run effective interventions of this type because our organisation brings together:

  • Deep analyst-level knowledge of the global offshoring markets
  • Hands-on experience at every stage of the offshoring life-cycle
  • Proven ability to help development agencies build and execute plans to attract offshoring
  • Specialist skills in workshop design and facilitation

Click here for a short PowerPoint pack describing the generic template for the workshops (we can tailor the design according to your specific needs). Please take a look and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to start to explore how we might help you.